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Data Privacy Policy

Medical Center Parañaque Inc. (MCPI) adheres to the general principles of transparency, legitimacy of purpose and proportionality and all that is mandated in the Data Privacy Act of 2012 IRR 10173.

MCPI would like to inform you of your rights, as a patient: the process by which your data is collected, stored and processed; and the fifteen-year duration during which we will be keeping this data as mandated by the department of health and the erasure and destruction, thereafter.

Data subject must be aware of the nature, purpose, and extent of the processing of his/her personal data by MCP, including the risks and safeguards the hospital puts in place. MCP also informs you of your RIGHTS AS DATA SUBJECTS.

Your RIGHTS include the following:

  • To BE INFORMED that your data will be collected, processed, stored up to 15 years from date of collection, and destroyed thereafter. You will also be informed should a data breach of privacy occurs within 72 hours.
  • To ACCESS your data by seeing its contents, sources from where they were obtained, names & addresses of the recipients of your data, manner of processing, dates or year when your data was last accessed, manner of data encrypted filing.
  • To OBJECT to the manner which your data is handled, to withhold consent to the manner it is processed.
  • ERASURE OR BLOCKING. Under the DPA 2012 IRR 10173, you can suspend, withdraw, block, remove or destroy your personal data. It is acceptable specially when any of the following prevails:
  1. Your data is incomplete, outdated, false, or unlawfully obtained.
  2. Your data is being used for purposes other than you authorized.
  3. The data is no longer necessary for the purpose which they were collected.
  4. You simply decided to withdraw for no apparent reason
  5. Data person information collected may be prejudicial to patient.
  6. The processing of your data is unlawful.
  7. The personal information processor violated your right as data subject.
  • RIGHT TO DAMAGES – You may claim compensation if you suffered damages due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of your data.
  • RIGHT TO FILE A COMPLAINT – If you are the subject of data privacy breach as mandated by the DPA of 2012 IRR 10173.
  • RIGHT TO RECTIFICATION – You may dispute any error or inaccuracy in your personal data and have the pip correct it immediately, unless the request is unreasonable. Once corrected, the PRIVACY INFORMATION PROCESSOR (PIP) will ensure that you can access to both new & retracted information and simultaneous give you a receipt of both copies.
  • RIGHT TO DATA PORTABILITY – Where your personal information is processed means you have a right to obtain from the PIP a copy of your electronic structured format. Data Portability allows you to transmit your data from one PIP to another PIP.

The legitimate purpose of data collection by MCP is to ensure that, with necessary data, our staff and medical doctors will treat your condition with the highest quality of care. As mandated by law, MCP will furnish Department of Health, PhilHealth and the HMO covering your admission bills, and any medico legal cases wherein the court requires us in subpoena.

The processing of personal data shall be adequate, relevant, suitable, necessary and not excessive in relation to the declared and specified purpose. Obtaining personal data by MCP is obtained if the processing could not be done by other means.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) could be reach at (02) 5318-9900 to 9999 local 804, Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM.

Before giving your data, MCP requires that you read, understand and conform in this Data Privacy Act of 2012 IRR 10173. If you have any questions, please ask the staff for further enlightenment.

MCP shall protect all personal information from theft, loss, employee breach, unauthorized modification, use or disclosure.

MCP shall promptly investigate all complaints of non-compliance to the DPA 2012 IRR 10173 in a strictly confidential.