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ProfileDoctor NameSpecializationClinic No.Local No.ScheduleSecretaryContact No.
Lalas, Tyrone M.DAdvanced Minimally Invasive Surgery314314Thu/Sat (2Pm-4Pm)Mylene0927-958-2374
Adea, Jose Ernesto MD. Cardiology – Internal Medicine304304Mon/Wed (9Am-11Am )Badeth0926-203-2684
Albano, Bernard Benjamin M.D.Cardiology – Internal Medicine503503Tue/Thu (1Pm – 3Pm)Freda0907-367-1178
Alix, Oliver M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine310310Tue (2Pm-4Pm) Wed (1Pm-3Pm) Fri (10Am-12Nn)Myra0999-846-4760 / 0936-668-4432
Antonio, Loudon Claro M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine304304Mon/Wed/Fri (3Pm-5Pm)Mylene0927-958-2374
Carungin, Rodolfo M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine310310Mon/Wed/Thu ( 10Am – 12Nn )Myra0999-846-4760 / 0936-668-4432
Chung, Phillipe Ryan M.D.Cardiology – Internal Medicine509509Mon/Wed / Fri (3Pm – 6Pm)Tan0928-164-2332
Estrellado, Ester M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine206206Mon/Wed (3Pm-5Pm) *Proceed To Mcm*‘—‘—
Galang, Dan Brian M.D.Cardiology – Internal Medicine314314Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm- 3Pm)Mylene0927-958-2374
Gumatay, Wilbert Allan M.D.Cardiology – Internal Medicine702702Tue/Thu (9Am-11Am)Kym Escober0916-557-9527
Ilao, Maritoni G. Rapadas M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine506506Mon (8:30Am- 11Am)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Labrador, Lauren Angelica M.D.Cardiology – Internal Medicine514514Mon / Wed (5Pm-7Pm) / Sat (12Pm-2Pm)Osang0939-524-4894
Lapuz, Emelita M.DCardiology – Internal Medicine603603Tue/Thu/Sat (4Pm-6Pm)Anabel0922-493-7291
Legaspi, Paolo M.D.Cardiology – Internal Medicine606606Thu (10Am-12Nn) Sat (2Pm-5Pm)Gicel0970-647-7119
Lim, Allan M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine702702Tue/Thu (1Pm-4Pm) Fri (3Pm-5Pm) By Appt.Kym Escober0916-557-9527
Lotilla, Wilmer M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine603603Tue/Sat (10Am-12Nn)Anabel0922-493-7291
Maliwat, Michelle M.DCardiology – Internal Medicine304304Mon/Fri (12:30-2:30Pm) Wed (11:30Am-2:30Pm)Badeth0926-203-2684
Manuel, Ronaldo M.DCardiology – Internal Medicine304304Tue/Thu (10Am-12Nn)Badeth0926-203-2684
Quianzon, Dolores M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine608608Tue/Thu (1Pm-3Pm)Dina0949-626-9902
Quizon, Gino Rei M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine‘—‘—‘—‘—‘—
Reyes, Eugenio M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine702702‘—‘—‘—
Rivera, Elma Joy M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine506506Wed / Fri (9Am-12Nn)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Rome, Michael M.D.Cardiology – Internal Medicine304304Mon/Wed (5Pm-7Pm) Fri 10Am-12Nn)Badeth0926-203-2684
Villareal, Earl Fidel M.D. Cardiology – Internal Medicine307307Tue/Thu/Sat (8Am-11Am)Margie0906-282-1969
Albano, Bernard Benjamin M.D.Cardiology-Interventional503503Tue/Thu (1Pm-3Pm)Freda0907-367-1178
Chung, Phillipe Ryan M.D.Cardiology-Interventional509509Mon/Wed/Fri (3Pm-6Pm)Tan0928-164-2332
Galang, Dan Brian M.D. Cardiology-Interventional314314Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Mylene0927- 958-2374
Gumatay, Wilbert Allan M.D.Cardiology-Interventional702702Tue/Thu (9Am-11Am)Kym Escober0916-557-9527
Legaspi, Paolo M.D. Cardiology-Interventional606606Thu (10Am-12Nn) Sat (2Pm-5Pm)Gicel0970-647-7119
Lim, Allan M.D.Cardiology-Interventional702702Tue/Thu (1Pm-4Pm) Fri (3Pm-5Pm) By Appt.Kym Escober0916-557-9527
Manuel, Ronaldo M.DCardiology-Interventional304304Badeth0926-203-2684
Rome, Michael M.D.Cardiology-Interventional304304Mon/Wed (5Pm-7Pm) Fri (10Am-12Nn)Badeth0926-203-2684
Lapuz, Emelita M.DCardiology-Vascular Medicine603603Tue/Thu/Sat (4Pm-6Pm)Anabel0922-493-7291
Quianzon, Dolores M.D. Cardiology-Vascular Medicine608608Thu (1Pm-3Pm)Dina0949-626-9902
Rivera, Elma Joy M.D. Cardiology-Vascular Medicine506506Wed/Fri (9Am-12Nn)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Catipon, Joseph M.D. Dentistry615615Thu (10Am-5Pm)0998-996-8049 / 0927-660-1093
Jimenez, Cristino M.D. Dentistry203203No Specific Days 09192880190 / 871-4123
Millo-Paderes, Grazielle DDMDentistry615615Tue (9Am-12Nn) Fri (9Am-5Pm)
Roxas-Abellera, Mary Lynn M.D.Dentistry615615Wed (11Am-4Pm)Jen0925-742-6698 / 0922-817-8709 Tel. No.: 358-7879
Millo-Paderes, Grazielle DDMDentistry-Pediatrics615615Tue (9Am-12Nn) Fri (9Am-5Pm)
Roxas-Abellera, Mary Lynn M.D.Dentistry-Pediatrics615615Wed (11Am-4Pm)0925-742-6698 / 0922-817-8709 / Tel. No.: 358-7879
Batac, Maria Christina Filomena M.D.Dermatology508508Thu (9Am-11Am) Sat (12:30-2:30Pm)Kim Mendoza0995-994-1238
Carpio, Vanessa Dermatology508508Fri (2Pm-6Pm)Kim Mendoza0995-994-1238
Castro, Carmela Dayrit, M.D. Dermatology508508Tue/Thu (9Am-11Am)Kim Mendoza0995-994-1238
Tan, Cristina David M.D. Dermatology508508Wed/Fri (10Am-12Nn)Kim Mendoza0995-994-1238
Francisco, Maria Theresa M.D. Dermatology508508Mon (12Nn-2Pm) Wed (2Pm-6Pm)Kim Mendoza0995-994-1238
Lazo-Dizon, Johanna Pauline M.D.Dermatology508508Mon/Sat (10Am-12Nn)Kim Mendoza0995-994-1238
Oblepias, Maria Socouer M.D. Dermatology508508Tue/Thu (11Am-3PmKim Mendoza0995-994-1238
Ugalde, Reynaldo M.D.Dermatology308508Mon/Wed (3Pm-5Pm) Fri (3Pm-4Pm)Mavie0947-391-4907
Castro, Carmela Dayrit, M.D.Dermatology – Pediatrics508508Tue/Thu (9Am-11Am)Kim Mendoza0995-994-1238
De Lara, Carmela M.D. Dermatology – Pediatrics505505Wed (1Pm-3Pm) Fri/Sat (9Am-12Nn)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Marquez, Eduard Cesar M.D.Diabetology – Internal Medicine509509Tue/Thu/Sat (10Am-12Nn)Tan0928-164-2332
Corpuz, Dianne Grace M.D.Endocrinology – Internal Medicine603603Mon/Wed/Fri (10Am-12Nn )Anabel0922-493-7291
Corvera, Kristine Denise M.D.Endocrinology – Internal Medicine308308Tue (1Pm-3Pm)Mavie0947-391-4907
Galicia, Margarita Victoria M.D.Endocrinology – Internal Medicine503503Tue/Fri (2Pm-5Pm)Freda0907-367-1178
Gonzales, Ma. Cecilia M.D. Endocrinology – Internal Medicine304304Tue/Thu (1Pm-5Pm) Sat (10Am-12Nn)Badeth/Claire0926-203-2684 / 0917-328-2787
Manabat, Cynthia M.D.Endocrinology – Internal Medicine314314Mon (4Pm-6Pm) By ApptSally0908-305-7778 / 8871-3727
Galang, Daphne Gayle M.D.Endocrinology – Internal Medicine514514Wed/Fri/Sat (8Am-11Am)Osang0939-524-4894
Ong-Jamoralin, Natalie Bernice M.D. Endocrinology – Internal Medicine509509Mon / Thu (1Pm-4Pm)Tan0928-164-2332
Po, Rainer Wandrew M.DEndocrinology – Internal Medicine610610Wed (2Pm-4Pm) Fri (9Am-11Am)Erly0916-314-6140
Valeros, Katherine M.D.Endocrinology – Internal Medicine307307Tue/Thu (4Pm-6Pm)Margie0962-045-0810
Estolano, Raymundo M.D.Eye Ear Nose Throat313313Sat (9Am-12Nn)Rose0916-216-0014 / 0956-64-24455
De Vera, Ramon M.D.Ear Nose Throat612613Tue/Thu (1Pm-4Pm) Sat (8Am-11Am)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Estolano, Patrick M.D.Ear Nose Throat313313Tue (9Am-12Nn) Fri (1Pm-4Pm)Rose0916-216-0014 / 0956-642-4455
Luna, Geraldine M.D.Ear Nose Throat206206No Specific DaysLorraine0977-332-0504
Montalban, Cecilia M.D. Ear Nose Throat612613Mon/Wed (3Pm-5Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Rodriguez, Edgardo M.D. Ear Nose Throat608608Mon To Sat Except Thu (10Am-12Nn)Cora B.0977-845-6547
Soltura, Socrates M.D.Ear Nose Throat206206‘—Anabel0922-493-7291
Ilao, Joseph M.D. Family Medicine506506Wed (4Pm-7Pm) Sat (9Am-12Nn)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Ceniza, Agustin M.D.Gastroenterology – Internal Medicine610610Tue/Thu (2Pm-4Pm)Erly0916-314-6140
Jimenez, Alvin M.D. Gastroenterology – Internal Medicine613613Mon/Wed/Fri (4Pm-6Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Valera, Loreta Anne M.D. Gastroenterology – Internal Medicine307307Mon/Wed/Thu (11Am-1Pm) Sat (11Am-1Pm) (By Appt)Margie0948-585-1600
Delos Reyes, Cipriano M.D. General Practitioner308308Mon/Wed (3Pm-5Pm)Mavie0947-391-4907
Malit, La Verne M.D. General Surgery608608Tue/Thu/Sat (2Pm-4Pm)Dina0949-626-9902
Nadal, Elias M.D. General Surgery612613Tue/Thu/Sat (11Am-1Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Ortillo, Concepcion M.D. General Surgery303303Sat (9Am-12Nn)Ely0956-804-5735
Principe, Leo M.D. General Surgery308308Mon/Wed/Fri (5Pm-7Pm)Mavie0947-391-4907
Reyes, Constancio M.D. General Surgery302302Mon/Wed/Fri ( 10Am – 12Nn )Leby0932-713-7058
Singson, Alejandro M.D. General Surgery‘—‘—Mon-Sat (10Am- 12Nn)Erly0916-314-6140
Vasquez, Roberto M.D.General Surgery212212Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Charry0945-754-1788
Visaya, Junico M.D. General Surgery608608Mon/Thu ( 1Pm-3Pm)Cora B.0977-845-6547
Romero, Raymond Joseph M.D. General Surgery‘—‘—Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Tan0928-164-2332
Yap, Jillian Georgina M.D.General Surgery607607Mon / Wed / Sat (1Pm – 3Pm)Gicel0970-647-7119
Yap, Siegfried James M.D.General Surgery607607Tue / Thu (2Pm – 5Pm) Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Gicel0970-647-7119
Romero, Raymond Joseph M.D.Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery509509Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Tan0928-164-2332
Macatangay, Mark M.D.Infectious Disease – Internal Medicine303303Mon (1Pm-3Pm) Tue/Thu (9Am-11 Am)Ely0956-804-5735
Marella, Sixto Ramon M.D. Infectious Disease – Internal Medicine610610Mon/Wed (8Am-10 Am)Erly0916-314-6140
Ballonado, Ezekiel Domingo M.D.Internal Medicine507507Tue (1Pm – 4Pm) Thu (12Nn – 3Pm)Kym Escober0916-557-9527
Cabalu, Arcalucy M.D. Internal Medicine505505Tue/Thu/Sat (3Pm-6Pm)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Corpuz, Dianne Grace M.D.Internal Medicine603603Mon / Wed / Fri (10Am – 12Nn)Anabel0922-493-7291
Roque, Jether M.D.Internal Medicine607607Fri / Sat (9Am – 12Nn)Gicel0970-647-7119
Salazar, Ricardo M.D. Internal Medicine308308Mon / Wed / Fri (8Am – 10Am)Mavie0947-391-4907
Tulio, Doris M.D. Internal Medicine613613Tue (2Pm – 4Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Nadal, Elias M.D. Laparoscopic Surgery612613Tue / Thu / Sat (11Am – 1Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Romero, Raymond Joseph M.D. Laparoscopic Surgery509509Mon / Wed / Fri (1Pm – 3Pm)Tan0928-164-2332
Yap, Jillian Georgina M.D.Laparoscopic Surgery607607Mon / Wed / Fri (1Pm – 3Pm)Gicel0970-647-7119
Yap, Siegfried James M.D.Laparoscopic Surgery607607Tue / Thu / Sat (2Pm – 5Pm)Gicel0970-647-7119
Paulino, Rey Magno M.DMedical AcupuncturistMon/Wed/Fri (10Am-12Nn)
Agoncillo, Nathaniel M.D.Nephrology – Internal Medicine211-B213Sun (9Am – 12Nn)Osang0939-524-4894
Guce, Glenn Kay M.D.Nephrology – Internal Medicine506506Tue/Thu (10Am-12Nn) Sat (1Pm-3Pm)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Jamoralin, Paolo M.D. Nephrology – Internal Medicine307307Tue / Thu / Sat ( 1Pm – 4Pm)Margie0948-585-1600
Marcial, Maria Paulette M.D. Nephrology – Internal Medicine314314Mon/Wed/Fri (10Am-12Nn)Mylene0927-958-2374
Pasilan, Renz Michael M.D.Nephrology – Internal Medicine603603Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Anabel0922-493-7291
Poblete-Vicuna, Marie Eilleen M.D.Nephrology – Internal Medicine503503Tue / Thu (9Am-12Nn)Freda0907-367-1178
Reyes, Nicetas Corazon M.D. Nephrology – Internal Medicine505505Mon / Wed (10Am – 12Nn)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Salgado, Maria Katrina Regina M.D.Nephrology – Internal Medicine514514Tue / Thu (10Am-12Nn) Sat (9Am-11Am)Osang0939-524-4894
Vasquez, Lea Grace M.D.Nephrology – Internal Medicine607607Wed / Fri (3Pm – 5Pm)Gicel0970-647-7119
Dejan, Renato M.D. Neurology – Internal Medicine509509Mon/Wed/Fri (8Am-10Am )Tan0928-164-2332
Gutierrez, Katrina Marie M.D.Neurology – Internal Medicine307307Mon/Wed (1Pm-3Pm) Fri (10Am-12Nn)Margie0948-585-1600
Jimenez, Geohana Victoria Hamoy M.D. Neurology – Internal Medicine613613Mon / Thu (10Am-12Nn) / Sat (11Am-1Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Reyes, Nanette M.D. Neurology – Internal Medicine‘—‘—‘—‘—‘—
Reyes, Nerissa M.D.Neurology – Internal Medicine506506Wed / Fri (2Pm – 4Pm)Dorothy0936-949-6936
Domingo, Faustino Rene M.D.Neuro-Surgeon701701‘—
Hufana, Vladimir M.D.Neuro-Surgeon303303Tue / Thu (1Pm-3Pm)Ely0956-804-5735
Villavicencio, Jay M.D.Neuro-Surgeon701701‘—‘—
Aquino, Martha Millar M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology302302Mon/Wed/Fri (4Pm-6Pm)Leby0932-713-7058
Biso, Sylvania M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology311311Mon To Sat (8Am-2Pm)Ely0956-804-5735/ 0917-629-5141
De Leon, Maria Rochelle M.D.Obstetrics – Gynecology708708Wed / Fri (8Am-12Nn)Ruby0915-655-6225
Dela Cruz, Nikki Lauren Lucas M.D.Obstetrics – Gynecology214214Tue / Fri / Sat (2Pm-5Pm)Tan0928-164-2332
Dizon, Judith M.D.Obstetrics – Gynecology308308Wed (1Pm – 3Pm)Mavie0947-391-4907
Halum, Janice Adelle M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology313313Mon / Thu (9Am – 12Nn)Rose0916-216-0014 / 0956-642-4455
Hurtado, Reya M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology708708Mon / Fri (1Pm – 3Pm)Ruby0915-655-6225
Leonardo, Leonor M.D.Obstetrics – Gynecology610610Mon / Wed / Fri (2Pm- 4Pm)Erly0916-314-6140
Madarang, Chona M.D.Obstetrics – Gynecology708708Mon / Thu (10Am-12Nn)Ruby0915-655-6225
Malit, Medina M.D.Obstetrics – Gynecology608608Tue / Thu / Sat (2Pm – 4Pm)Dina0949-626-9902
Oblepias, Enrico M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology508508Wed/Fri (12Nn-2Pm)Mylene0927-958-2374
Oblepias, Virgilio M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology508508Tue / Thu /Sat ( 3Pm – 5Pm )Jerlyl0953-199-3482
Perez, Carmen Adela (CJ) Juson Obstetrics – Gynecology708708Mon (1Pm-4Pm) Wed (8Am-12Nn) Sat (8Am-1Pm)Ruby0915-655-6225
Sandoval, Aurora M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology‘–‘–Tue / Thu / Sat ( 4Pm- 5:30Pm )Cora F.0966-456-3363
Santiago-Ocampo, Maria Carmina M.D.Obstetrics – Gynecology708708Thu (8Am – 10Am)Ruby0915-655-6225
Rubin-Siton, Ana Katrina M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology608608Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Dina0949-626-9902
Tan, Sheryl M.DObstetrics – Gynecology606606Wed (9Am-12Nn) Sat (9Am-11Am)Gicel0970-647-7119
Vita, Rhia Theresa Acedo M.D. Obstetrics – Gynecology708708Fri (8Am-12Nn)Ruby0915-655-6225
Aquino, Martha M.D. Obstetrics – Infectious302302Mon/Wed/Fri (4Pm-6Pm)Leby0932-713-7058
Hurtado, Reya M.D. Obstetrics – Oncology708708Mon/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Ruby0915-655-6225
Oblepias, Virgilio M.D. Obstetrics – Oncology508508Tue/Thu/Sat (3Pm-5Pm)Jerlyl0953-199-3482
Santiago-Ocampo, Maria Carmina M.D.Obstetrics – Perinatology708708Thu (8Am-10Am)Ruby0915-655-6225
Vita, Rhia Theresa Acedo M.D. Obstetrics – Perinatology708708Fri (8Am-10Am)Ruby0915-655-6225
Ignacio, Jorge M.D. Oncology – Internal Medicine302302Sat (10Am-12Nn )Leby0932-713-7058
Peneyra, Jhade Lotus M.D.Oncology – Internal Medicine613613Wed (10Am-12Nn)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Rodriguez, Celina M.D.Oncology – Internal Medicine302302Wed (2Pm-4Pm) Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Leby0932-713-7058
Adiviso, Rowena M.D. OphthalmologyEye Center100Mon/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Janet0933-023-0248
Artiaga, Jose Carlo M.D. OphthalmologyEye Center100Sat (1Pm-5Pm)Janet0933-023-0248
Carbonell, Denise M.D.OphthalmologyEye Center100Thu (3Pm-5Pm)Janet0933-023-0248
Catindig, Ma. Ysabel M.D. OphthalmologyEye Center100Tue (10Am-12Nn)Janet0933-023-0248
Estolano, Raymundo M.D. Ophthalmology313313Sat (9Am-12Nn )Rose0916 216-0014 / 0956-642-4455
Geronimo, Ralph Ernesto M.D.OphthalmologyEye Center100Fri (9Am-11Am)Janet0933-023-0248
Nerpiol, Christian M.D.OphthalmologyEye Center100Tue (3Pm-5Pm) Sat (12Nn-2Pm)Janet0933-023-0248
Paulino, Jose Antonio M.D. OphthalmologyEye Center100Sat (9Am-11Am)Janet0933-023-0248
Perez, Joel M.D. OphthalmologyEye Center100Thu (11Am-1Pm)Janet0933-023-0248
Quianzon, Salvador M.D.OphthalmologyEye Center100Wed (2Pm-4Pm) / Fri (3Pm-5Pm)Janet0933-023-0248
Singson, Roseny Mae M.D. OphthalmologyEye Center100Mon/Wed (10Am-12Pm)Janet0933-023-0248
Paulino, Jose Antonio M.D.Ophthalmology – PediaE-Center100Sat (10Am-12Nn)Janet0933-023-0248
Gonzales, Jose Alfonso M.D.Orthopedic Surgery610610Tue/Thu (9Am-12Nn)Erly0916-314-6140
Grageda, Jerome M.D. Orthopedic Surgery303303Mon/Wed/Fri (10Am-12Nn)Ely0956-804-5735
Martin, Cesar M.D. Orthopedic Surgery507507Sat (2Pm-4Pm)Kym Escober0916-557-9527
Racpan, Amando M.D. Orthopedic Surgery303303Mon/Wed/Fri (3Pm-6Pm)Ely0956-804-5735
Roura, Francisco M.D. Orthopedic Surgery303303Tue/Thu (5Pm-6Pm )Ely0956-804-5735
Molato, Reynaldo M.D. Orthopedic Surgery313313Mon/Fri (8Am-12Nn )Rose0916-216-0014 / 0956-642-4455
Visperas, Joana Francesca M.D. Orthopedic Surgery514514Mon (10Am-12Nn) Thu (8Am-10Am) Sat (1Pm-3Pm)Osang0939-524-4894
Aguinaldo, Elvira M.D.Pediatrician‘–‘–Until Further NoticeCora F.0966-456-3363
Barroso, Dominic Angelo M.D. Pediatrician314314Tue/Thu (12Nn-2Pm)Mylene0927-958-2374
Cabansag, Rosario M.D.Pediatrician313313Tue/Sat (1Pm-4Pm)Rose0916-2160-014
Calub, Cecilia M.D. Pediatrician608608Mon To Sat (3Pm-5:30Pm )Dina0949-626-9902
Cruz, Riza Mae M.D. Pediatrician608608Tue/Thu/Sat (10Am-12Nn)Dina0949-626-9902
Dato, Fanny M.D. Pediatrician313313Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Rose0916-216-0014 / 0956-642-4455
De Lara, Carmela M.D. Pediatrician505505Wed (1Pm-3Pm) Fri/Sat (9Am-12Nn)Dorothy0936-949-6936
De Mesa, Celeen M.D. Pediatrician314314Tue ( 5Pm-7Pm ) Sat (10Am-12Nn)Mylene0927-958-2374
Funtila-Villaraza, Carol Pauline M.D.Pediatrician608608Mon (10Am-12Nn)Cora B.0977-845-6547
Halum, Jeanine M.D.Pediatrician313313Mon/Fri (8Am-10Am)Rose0916-216-0014
Jarabejo, Julie Clarissa M.D. Pediatrician613613Tue/Thu (1Pm-3Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Jo, Araceli M.D.Pediatrician214214‘—Tan0928-164-2332
Lacsamana, Aileen M.D. Pediatrician210210Thu/Sat (8Am-10Am)Osang0939-524-4894
Lee, Ma. Rocelle Vedar M.D.Pediatrician‘–‘–‘—Cora B.0977-845-6547
Lombos, Trinidad Marie M.D.Pediatrician611610Mon / Wed / Fri ( 10Am-12Nn )Erly0916-314-6140
Lopez, Wilhelmina M.D. Pediatrician310310Tue/Thu (8Am-10Am) Fri/Sat (1Pm-3Pm)Myra0999-846-4760 / 0936-668-4432
Lucido, VlenroyPediatrician613613Fri (12Nn – 2Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Miranda, Sherryl Jane M.D. Pediatrician514514Mon / Wed / Fri (1Pm – 3Pm)Osang0939-524-4894
Pabustan-Romero, Fatima Hannah Pediatrician‘–‘–‘—‘–‘–
Paulino, Concepcion M.D. Pediatrician512512Mon/Wed/Fri (10Am-12Nn)Charry0945-754-1788
Yatco, Rommel M.D. Pediatrician‘–‘–Badeth0926-203-2684
Solidum, Carlene M.D.Pediatrician313313Fri (10Am – 12Nn) Sat (3Pm – 5Pm)Rose0916-216-0014
Cruz, Riza Mae M.D.Pediatrician – Neonatology608608Tue / Thu /Sat (10-12 Nn)Dina0949-626-9902
Cabansag, Rosario M.D. Pediatrician – Nephrology313313Tue / Sat (1Pm – 4Pm )Rose0916-2160-014
Miranda, Sherryl Jane M.D. Pediatrician – Pulmonology514514Mon/Wed/Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Osang0939-524-4894
Alcantara, Orlina M.D.Pulmonology – Internal Medicine308308Mon To Sat (10Am-12Nn)Mavie0947-391-4907
Balcita, Rowena M.D. Pulmonology – Internal Medicine503503Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat (9:30Am-12Nn)Freda0907-367-1178
Cabal, Jyn M.D. Pulmonology – Internal Medicine307307Mon/Wed (3Pm-5Pm) Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Margie0948-585-1600
Carungin, Chad Rey M.D. Pulmonology – Internal Medicine310310Sat (3Pm-5Pm)Myra0999-846-4760 / 0936-668-4432
Carungin, Rodolfo M.D. Pulmonology – Internal Medicine310310Mon/Wed/Thu(10Am-12Nn)Myra0999-846-4760 / 0936-668-4432
Dalisay, Celestino M.D. Pulmonology – Internal Medicine308308Fri (1Pm-3Pm)Mavie0947-391-4907
Dela Cruz, Verlene Anne M.D. Pulmonology – Internal Medicine514514Mon (1Pm-3Pm)Tue/Thu/Sat (3Pm-5Pm)Osang0939-524-4894
Gonzales-Lim,Susan M.D.Pulmonology – Internal Medicine603603Thu (10Am-12Nn)Anabel0922-493-7291
Salazar, Riccel M.D.Pulmonology – Internal Medicine509509Mon/Wed/Fri (9Am-11Am)Tan0928-164-2332
Solidum-Sta. Ana, Charry Mae M.D.Pulmonology – Internal Medicine512512Thu/Sat (10Am-12Nn)Charry0945-754-1788
Aguinaldo-Ortiz, Jhoanalyn M.D.Physiatry – Rehabilitation MedicineRehab Med161Tue / Sat (10Am – 12Nn)Maryann0917-848-8321
Abello, Joseph Gabriel M.D.Physiatry – Rehabilitation MedicineRehab Med161Tue / Thu / Sat (10Am-12Nn)Maryann0917-848-8321
Constantino, Christopher M.D.Physiatry – Rehabilitation MedicineRehab Med161Wed / Fri ( 1Pm-3Pm )Maryann0917-848-8321
Mancao, Betty M.D.Physiatry – Rehabilitation MedicineRehab Med161Tue / Thu / Sat ( 2Pm – 4Pm )Maryann0917-848-8321
Perez, Marc Francis M.D.Physiatry – Rehabilitation MedicineRehab Med161Mon (10Am-12Nn) Wed / Fri (9Am-11Am)Maryann0917-848-8321
Arellano, Juan M.D. Psychiatry608608Mon / Wed / Fri (3Pm – 5Pm)Dina0949-626-9902
Salazar, Christine M.D.Psychiatry509509Wed/Fri (9Am-11Am)Tan0928-164-2332
Bagano-Rita Rita, Rachel M.D.Rheumatologist – Internal Medicine612613Mon (10Am-2Pm) Thu(9Am-11Am) Fri (10Am-2Pm)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Manlulu, Elizabeth M.D. Rheumatologist – Internal Medicine514514Tue / Thu (4Pm – 6Pm)Osang0939-524-4894
Bichara, Joseph Dominic M.D.Thoracic Vascular & Transplant Surgery0918-927-4583
Cabasa, Alduz Inri M.D.Thoracic Vascular & Transplant Surgery
Chua Chiaco, Manuel M.D.Thoracic Vascular & Transplant Surgery
Desquitado, Adrien Peter M.D.Thoracic Vascular & Transplant Surgery
Jarcia, Emmanuel Jr. M.D.Thoracic Vascular & Transplant Surgery
Lukban, Felixberto M.D.Thoracic Vascular & Transplant Surgery
Bagadiong, Adolph Stephen M.DUrology514514Mon/Wed/Fri (9:30Am-11:30Am)Osang0939-524-4894
Flores, Arturo M.D.Urology206206Wed ( 10Am-12Nn )Anabel0922-493-7291
Gamboa, Aldrin M.D.Urology310310Mon/Wed/Fri (3Pm-5Pm )Myra0999-846-4760 / 0936-668-4432
Lenon, Emmanuel M.D. Urology613613Tue / Thu (5Pm-7Pm) Sat(8Am-10Am)Cora F.0966-456-3363
Perez, Francis M.D. Urology208208Tue/Thu (1Pm-3Pm) Sat (2Pm-3Pm)Ruby0915-655-6225
Roa, Mark M.D. Urology606606Mon (1Pm-3Pm) Accepts Walk-In/By Appt | Wed (1Pm -3Pm) By Appt Only | Fri (10Am-1Pm) Accepts Walk-In/By ApptGicel0970-647-7119
Reyes, Constancio M.D. Transplant And Vascular Surgery302302Mon/Wed/Fri ( 10Am – 12Nn )Leby0932-713-7058
Visaya, Junico M.D. Transplant And Vascular Surgery608608Mon & Thu (1Pm – 3Pm)Cora B.0977-845-6547